Terms & Conditions

Your complete online shopping satisfaction at our website is our aim. If customers are happy and satisfied shopping at our website, then they will keep repeatedly buying our products and also recommending it to others.


Our products are completely checked at the manufacturing unit. From there when they arrive at our workshop, again they are thoroughly checked, so the client gets a perfect product. Still,  Just in the odd case, if by any chance the product is damaged, then here is the return policy.


 Our Returns and Exchange policy which is as following:


If the product received is in Damage Condition: -

If the product is damaged than there are only these conditions-

• Manufacturing defect.

• Damaged during the transit of the item.


If the item is not which you have ordered: -

In this case when you receive an item other than you ordered or misrepresentation of the item on the site due to technical error.


If the error is from the customer side, like placing an order for a corrcect size of a kurti, then we are sorry to say, we don’t have any alteration facility.


In all the conditions mentioned above, our customers are requested to contact us via E-mail at info@maahi2.com, within 24 hours of the receipt of your delivery.


 To and From shipping charges will be paid by customer.

The only thing required is that you keep the item received with you along with all its complete packing materials in which you received the delivery. In the unlikely case that your product arrives damaged, you should email us a photo of the damaged product. You must email us about any damaged items in your shipment within 24 hours of receiving your order. 

Processing of  all returns/exchange wil be done within 15 days. If you have any queries about your return, feel free to reach out to the Maahi2 Care team at info@maahi2.com